History Lesson Note for JSS1

WEEK 1-2 Meaning of History
WEEK 3 Differences between History and Story- telling.
WEEK 4 Sources of History
WEEK 5 Primary Sources in History
WEEK 6 Secondary Sources in History
WEEK 9 Identification of the sources in History
WEEK 10 How to Access Sources in History
WEEK 11 Importance of History Individual
WEEK: 12 Importance of History Society and Nation

History Lesson Note on Meaning of History

WEEK 1 Meaning of History

1.Explain the meaning of History to the students.
2.Mention the father of Objective History to the students
3.Discuss the Importance of History
4.State the country of Origin of History and the Continent
i. Map of the World
ii. Map of Nigeria.
iii. Biography of Notable Personalities
iv. Video Clips Audio Clips etc.
iv. Magazines, Journals etc.
v. Pictures, Photographs etc.
vi. Internet Resources


What is History?

History is the study of important past events. Traditionally, the word “history” is derived from the Greek word “historie”. This Greek word literarily means “to know” or “to learn by inquiry”.
Therefore, history can be seen as a kind of research or science, since science itself seeks to know or to order to have a knowledge of the past, to understand the present and plan for the future.

Importance of History

1.The study of history like other disciplines helps some individuals to earn a living (career aspect). It serves as a source of employment for people who study the subject at a higher level.
2.The study of African history has helped in the discovery of the activities of man in far off times.
3.The study of African history allows the individual to relate his past with the present in a better way.
4.African history has addressed the notion and misconception that Africa has contributed insignificantly to history.

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History Lesson Note For JSS1
History Lesson Note

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