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Lessonplan.com.ng is a blog created by teachers for teachers in Africa.

We are on a mission to transform the education sector with an innovative and technological-based concept that would enable teachers, especially in Africa to share their expertise and resources.

Lessonplan was founded in 2019 by a teacher who saw the stress and effort teachers put into creating lesson notes and having to start all over again when they leave a school for another, having discovered the stress teachers pass through on daily basis in the course of writing lesson notes/plans and examination questions in spite of the peanut they receive as salary, we thought it wise to prepare the lesson notes/plans and other educational materials in soft copies in other to reduce the stress so that they can make money doing other times to fuel their passion for teaching.

It is our aspiration that this will allow teachers to be adequately prepared to inspire their learners and also channel their vims towards teaching captivating lessons rather than struggling to meet submission deadlines.

It takes a teacher to understand a teacher, we are teachers who love making teaching and learning fun and stress-free for passionate teachers like you.


Our mission is to create a paperless classroom in Africa by designing digital teaching aids and resources.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most sought after online teachers’ platform.

Our Resource

Our resources are targeted to meet various educators’ need, therefore we use the updated unified scheme for the compilation of most of the lesson notes and lesson plan.

Nigerian Curriculum

British Curriculum

American Curriculum

Montessori Curriculum

Unique Curriculum

Experts are available 24/7 to design any lesson notes, lesson plans, and teaching aids within the shortest time.

Who can benefit from our products? School owners, Teachers, Parents, and Students.

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